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Cherry Blossom Hemp Flower Strain Review

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Uplifting and eye-opening, Cherry Blossom’s slight lean to the indica end of the spectrum will have you glued to your couch within minutes. But while it renders your body paralyzed, Cherry Blossom awakens the mind and initiates a colorful cognition that will have you thinking and daydreaming for the duration of its effects.

But more than just its impact on the system, Cherry Blossom gets much patronage for its dynamic flavor profile. Combining the terpenes of two popular, fruit-centric parent profiles, Cherry Blossom dances with the tastebuds in a blissful tango of berry, pastry, and fruit.

Cherry Blossom Hemp Strain Overview

A top pick among hip gen Z hemp enthusiasts, Cherry Blossom brings distinct flavors that really help it stand out from the hemp crowd. Its sweet, fruity terpenes make the smoking experience much more bearable for first-timers, neophytes, and low-tolerance users who suck at taking skunks.

On top of its cocktail of cannabinoids that produce sensory delight, Cherry Blossom also boasts eye-catching looks that give it supreme bag appeal. The tightly clustered nugs come embraced in a delicate cage of orange tendrils. Every inch of the buds touts bright, glistening, white trichomes that leave a sticky residue on the fingers.

Generally uplifting, Cherry Blossom doesn’t exactly awaken the body. Instead, it stimulates the mind while locking down the limbs so you can explore a new head space as your body recovers from a hard day’s work.

Cherry Blossom Genetics

Interestingly, no one knows for sure where Cherry Blossom came from. That’s mainly because the strain has been around since before hemp was legalized. Nevertheless, some reports online claim that Cherry Blossom was the lovechild of two distinguished strains that have earned serious recognition in their own right.

Berry Blossom

The hardy Berry Blossom variety resonates closer to the indica end of the effects spectrum. Its tight, dense clusters boast beautiful light avocado and lavender colors that blend together to give the strain undoubted jar charm.

Light and easy, Berry Blossom brings floral and fruity notes to the foreground with its delicate, organic aroma and flavor that delightfully dance with the senses. Slow, effortless, and alluring, the sensual strain relaxes the mind and body for a truly tranquil encounter.

Cherry Pie

Considered the queen of all things pastry, Cherry Pie offers a sucker punch of sweetness that overpowers the taste buds. Often used to give strains a strong, pastry overtone, Cherry Pie contributes distinct flavor genetics that shines through with a toke of Cherry Blossom.

Perfectly balanced between indica and sativa, Cherry Pie produces both mind and body relaxation with a subtle kick of creativity. At lower doses, the strain can help you achieve a controlled sense of productivity that can have you moving at a slow, steady pace ideal for non-cerebral repetitive tasks.

Effects of Cherry Blossom Hemp Strain

A dose of Cherry Blossom can have you feeling properly tranquil. The cultivar effectively works to subdue the body so you can focus all of your mental energy on your thoughts and emotions. As the smoke hits the back of your throat, the strain gets to work on recalibrating your disposition so you can enjoy profound tranquility.

Fast acting, Cherry Blossom’s chemistry gets to work in no more than 10 to 15 minutes. Its effects peak at about 30 minutes and stick around for up to 2 hours if you get your hands on the high-quality stuff.

Keep in mind though that your experience might be a tad different from what you read online. Differences in product quality, body chemistry, and tolerance can impact the cocktail of benefits that you get out of a dose.

More often than not, however, users report experiencing the following effects after a Cherry Blossom dose:

For the record, Cherry Blossom will not render your body immobile. Sure, you can still move around. But what it eliminates is the desire to do so. Cherry Blossom takes away any motivation to move and stand and get going, so you end up wanting to take a load off as you enjoy the colorful thoughts that flutter through your mind.

Placing you in a dreamlike state of wakefulness, Cherry Blossom relaxes the body so you can place 100% of your attention on the contents of your head.

Despite being a relatively slow and relaxing strain, Cherry Blossom may still overwhelm first-timers. So if you’re taking the variety for the first time, see to it that you measure out a trial dose first to record your body’s reaction.

If all goes well, you can gradually increase your succeeding doses to reach your therapeutic threshold. As you reach higher amounts, you should notice the strain’s effects to lean more closely to the indica side of the spectrum.

Cherry Blossom Hemp Strain Flavor and Aroma

What attracts neophytes to the Cherry Blossom jar is its appearance and aroma. No doubt, it seems as though mother nature crafted Cherry Blossom with the looks and fragrances that would appeal to those who rely heavily on their senses to choose the right hemp strain.

At a glance, Cherry Blossom’s bright colors and dynamic tendrils and trichomes make it look like an obvious stand-out on the hemp shelf lineup. And when you crack open the jar, it is delectable fruity, floral, pastry aroma wafts out and saturates the air with its sweet, delightful combination.

During use, Cherry Blossom maintains its friendly interaction with the senses. Light and airy, its smoke doesn’t scrape the windpipe, allowing a smooth sweetness to enter the lungs without inducing a violent coughing fit.

The smoke itself tastes exactly as the Cherry Blossom strain smells. Perhaps the only difference is that along the tail end of the experience, the strain leaves a trail of subtle bitterness that lingers at the back of the mouth long after the smoke leaves your system.

Other than that, Cherry Blossom proves to be the ideal choice for low-tolerance users who struggle to deal with the potent, aggressive, and skunky smoke that many other cultivars tend to produce.

Grab a Cherry Blossom Stash Today

Whether you’re a veteran user or a first-timer, Cherry Blossom offers effects and flavors that might be right up your alley. Delivering a sensory experience that’s delightful and smooth, Cherry Blossom brings with it benefits that help you enjoy true relaxation.

So if you were hoping to unwind at the end of a long day without having to induce a sleepy stupor, Cherry Blossom could be the answer. Light, easy, and insanely delicious, it’s no wonder how this variety has earned a seat in most users’ usual rotation.

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