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Cheef Botanicals Vendor Review


There are very few companies out there that can genuinely say that they believe in what they’re doing, and Cheef Botanicals is one of them. Cheef Botanicals has been at the forefront of educating people about the power of cannabinoids.

Through various partnerships with hemp farms in Colorado, the company has been able to produce some of the highest quality CBD products in the market using organic, plant-based products with no artificial additives. 

This has earned the company a good reputation among CBD enthusiasts, which is clearly visible in the numerous positive customer reviews all over the internet and on the company’s website testimonials page.

Speaking of the company’s website, it features some interesting visuals and provides a generally pleasant user experience. Let’s see what else Cheef Botanicals has to offer.

Cheef Botanicals Product & Service Overview

Cheef Botanicals has an extensive selection of CBD products, from CBD flower to edibles and concentrates. And the best part about it is that all its products are manufactured using the safest manufacturing process. These include careful CO2 extraction methods that guarantee the purest and potent CBD products on the market.

One of its most popular products is the 300mg Full-Spectrum vegan CBD gummies. These gummies don’t have any chemical additives or animal by-products. Although they don’t taste great, they’re not so bad either. What draws numerous customers to this product is its authentic hemp taste, coupled with the mood-soothing and pain-relieving effects it provides.

Apart from the CBD gummies, the company also offers CBD flowers, CBD oil, and even CBD treats for pets. You can view the company’s full collection of unique, high-quality CBD products on its website.

There isn’t much talk about the company’s customer service, but based on what little information is available, it’s clear that the company is doing its job right. You can always contact the company through a chat button on the website, and you’ll get a response within 12 hours. Alternatively, you can contact them through various social media platforms.

Cheef Botanicals Product Cost and Price Comparison

In terms of pricing, the company’s products seem to be in the average range. It doesn’t overcharge its customers, and some of its prices are lower than what other vendors are offering. We picked the most popular product from each category and put it up against similar products from other competitors. Let’s see how the prices compare.

Category Product Price at Cheef BotanicalsOther vendors
CBD Oil dropsFull-spectrum CBD oil$24.95$29.99
CBD flowerCBD Hemp Flower – Kush Mintz$29.95$27.99
CBD pre-rollsCBD Pre-Rolls – Super Silver Haze (5-Pack)$39.95$39.95
CBD pet productsCBD Dog Treats + Heart & Immune Care – HolistaPet$26.95$26.95
CBD EdiblesVegan CBD Gummies$23.95$25.00
CBD wax dapsCBD Distillate$29.95$26.95
CBD topicalsCBD Vegan Soft Gels$23.95$24.99

Cheef Botanicals Customer Reviews

There are tons of positive customer reviews on the internet regarding the company’s products. A customer on Trustpilot says:

 ‘These gummies have made a huge impact on my quality of life. Facing back surgery, I decided to give CBD gummies a try as a last resort. They have made a huge difference in my level of pain. I’m hoping to completely avoid the surgery at this point.’

Another customer on the same platform says:

‘I ordered Northern lights and I usually don’t place big orders but I ordered an ounce and let me tell you it was worth every penny the flower hits smooth great taste and great effects.’

There are also tons of positive reviews on the testimonials section of the company’s website. One customer commends the company for its CBD products, which helped alleviate his acne in just six months. 

Another customer on the same platform says that she takes one CBD pill before going to bed for great sleep. She says that before she started using the company’s CBD pills, she had a big problem with insomnia. But now she gets plenty of sleep every night.

Overall, people seem impressed with the effectiveness of Cheef Botanical’s products, especially the oils and edibles. The company’s CBD flower is also getting some praise due to its authentic flavor and efficacy. 

Cheef Botanicals Complains

Most of the customer reviews on the company’s products are positive. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a couple of dissatisfied customers out there. Take this customer on Trustpilot, for example. According to him, he had ordered a product from the company before, and it took forever to get delivered. So, this time around, he paid for faster shipping, but it still took the company more than five days to deliver it.

Late deliveries are the predominant complaint about the company’s services. Other than that, the company seems to be doing well. There are, however, a few other customers who are dissatisfied with the quality of the products they received.

Cheef Botanicals Coupons and Discounts

Cheef Botanicals offers a share and save referral program that enables you to save up to $10 on your next purchase when you invite a friend. The company also offers a 30-day cash-back guarantee on all its products. To top it all off, you get free shipping on all purchases, regardless of the size.

Lab Testing

Let’s face it, finding reliable CBD products online can be difficult, especially when the manufacturers don’t give all the lab testing information on their products. Cheef Botanicals isn’t that type of manufacturer. All the company’s products are third-party tested to ensure accuracy, potency, and absence of pesticides.

Is Cheef Botanicals Legit?

Apart from its third-party test results, the company has lots of positive reviews all over the internet. It is also active on several social media platforms and has a physical address and a functional website. Based on what we can see, the company seems legitimate.


Cheef Botanicals seems to be a reliable company for CBD products. From the ingredients it chooses to the manufacturing methods it employs, it’s clear that the company aims at making products that every customer can enjoy. 

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