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Have You Heard of CBD Terpsolate?


Terpsolate” is a made-up word that is short for terpene isolate. CBD terpsolate is a new product that is growing in popularity. It is a type of CBD concentrate that is THC-free. Concentrate products are not ideal for people who are new to CBD because they are very potent and take some knowledge and experience to use.

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CBD Isolate vs CBD Terpsolate

CBD isolate contains only CBD crystals and no THC. To make CBD terpsolate, a terpene “sauce” is added to the CBD isolate. Products that contain CBD isolate combined with terpenes from an outside source are known as “broad spectrum.” Broad-spectrum CBD products aim to provide the benefits of full-spectrum formulas but without the THC. These products are great options for people who are especially sensitive to THC but still want flavor. Normal CBD isolate does not have any real flavor and has a natural chemical-like taste that can be unpleasant.

CBD Crumble vs CBD Terpsolate

CBD crumble and CBD terpsolate are similar products. Both are concentrates that are THC-free, both are a combination of CBD isolate and terpenes, and both are potent and fast-acting. The major difference is in the consistency of the products. CBD crumble is more dry and waxy while terpsolate is more similar in consistency to CBD distillate. CBD crumble doesn’t have grains of crystals and the terpenes are infused in the wax instead of in a “sauce” that is mixed with the crystals.

How to Use CBD Terpsolate

Using concentrates (aka “dabs”) is done using a dab bong and culinary propane torch, or by using a concentrate vape (aka “wax pen”). Either of these smoking devices will work with CBD terpsolate. Dab bongs and wax pens vaporize concentrates so you get more flavor and less combustion compared to smoking in a pipe.

CBD terpsolate is not something that should be mixed in with hemp flower or smoked out of a normal pipe, bong, or joint. It will only work correctly if you use it with a device that is intended for use with cannabis concentrates. Be sure to check out “How to Smoke CBD Shatter and Concentrates Like a Pro” if you are unsure of how to use CBD concentrates.

Why Use CBD Terpsolate?

Retail CBD products are not intended for medicinal purposes. With that said, everyone has their own unique reason for using CBD. Whatever benefits a person may feel, CBD terpsolate is a way to achieve those in a concentrated and fast-acting formula. It is also a good product for people who enjoy experiencing the different flavors and terpenes found in hemp flower without combustion from smoking. Simply put, CBD terpsolate adds the benefits and flavors of terpenes to those of CBD isolate in a concentrated form.

How Terpenes Change the CBD Experience

Many people are surprised to learn that the benefits they perceive as attributed to CBD or other cannabinoids are also tied to the terpenes in a particular hemp flower strain. Terpenes have a major impact if the experience of a strain. They are the compounds that truly make each strain unique and are impacted by genetics and how well plants are grown.

Terpenes are also one major reason why wine from different locations has different flavors and traits. Learning more about terpenes can help you improve your hemp and CBD experiences because it will help you understand your preferences better. There are many different terpenes that naturally occur in hemp, here are just a few (with links for further reading):

Concluding Thoughts

CBD Terpsolate by Plain Jane is a great option if you are an experienced CBD user that understands how to be alert to the occurrence of CBD side effects that can result from taking too much CBD. You will need a vape with an oil/concentrate function or a dab bong or honey stick type CBD smoking device to best enjoy Plain Jane’s Terpsolate, so keep in mind that there is a learning curve if you have never used those devices before. Finally, remember that a little goes a long way with CBD concentrates, so start low and go slow!

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