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How to Smoke Shatter and Concentrates Like a Pro

Many are wondering how to smoke shatter since it is such a popular type of cannabis concentrate. Shatter is a very concentrated cannabis extract. It contains cannabinoids and terpenes. CBD shatter is also becoming more widely available. Unlike THC concentrates, CBD shatter will not get you high.

Several different extraction methods are used to make crude cannabis extracts that later become shatter. It starts by using a solvent like ethanol, butane, or CO2 to extract the cannabis flower. Next, the extract is purified and placed in an oven. The oven purges residual solvents at low temperatures. The result is a sheet of amber glass-like shatter.

Smoking Shatter and Cannabis Concentrates

Smoking shatter and cannabis concentrates may call to mind stereotypes of devout stoners. However, these products deserve more respect. Concentrates are great options for medical marijuana patients that need very potent doses. Concentrates allow users to experience the delicate flavors of a strain’s unique terpenes.

You may be a little confused by the names of cannabis concentrates. There are many including wax, budder, live resin, shatter, diamonds, CBD crumble, and so on. These different names reflect the consistency of the cannabis concentrate. After extraction, different refining processes are used. This is how concentrates get different textures and consistencies.

Smoking Shatter in a Dab Bong

Most people smoke shatter using a device called a dab bong, dab rig, or dab pen. The term dab comes from the fact that you only want to smoke a very small amount of concentrate at a time. Dab bongs can be heated with a propane culinary torch or by using an electronic coil connected to a temperature controller. After the bowl of the dab bong is heated, you drop in a small amount of shatter. Next, you cover the bowl and inhale.

Smoking Shatter in a Vaporizer

Wax pens and wax vaporizers are a more portable way to smoke shatter. These electronic devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are fairly user friendly. You simply charge the device, load a little concentrate in it, hold a button and then inhale. The downside of wax pens is that many are not very durable. They tend to break easily unless you invest in a very good one. If you do want to invest in a nice wax pen, a good option is to get one that is an interchangeable dry herb vape.

Finally, if you are looking to buy shatter you can do so online for CBD shatter. However, THC concentrates are only legally available through licenced dispensaries.

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