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What is CBD Coffee?


CBD can be consumed in many ways besides smoking, topicals, and tinctures. Now there are new ways to put CBD into coffee such as getting CBD coffee pods or packages. There are a few properties to coffee that make it the drink of choice for so many. Coffee is a natural antioxidant and also a stimulant.

So, is it a good idea to mix CBD and coffee? In this article, we bring you the highs and lows you should know about before you try it.

CBD Coffee Benefits

The anecdotal claim is that combining CBD and coffee works well because the CBD mellows out the jitters you can get from the caffeine in coffee. However, there has truly not been any testing done to make this claim. It is something that some users report but may affect individuals differently.

CBD Coffee Recipes

Some people will attempt to make their own CBD coffee by adding drops of CBD oil tincture into their cup of Joe. However, this simply does not work. Tinctures are meant to be taken sublingually and will not have an effect if you just swallow it.

Adding CBD isolate powder to coffee is another method people try. This can work somewhat. The powder clumps together and does not dissolve in the coffee, so it is not the best experience. Why is that? It is because cannabinoids only dissolve in oils and fats. They are not water soluble except in special formulations.

The best way to drink CBD coffee is to purchase CBD coffee pods or ground CBD coffee. But here are some other things to try:

Final Thoughts on CBD Coffee

Every person can react differently to CBD, truly the only way to actually find out is to try it yourself. It’s always a good idea to consult with your doctor first though because CBD can have side effects and may not be right for you. Remember that you will have the best experience if you purchase a pre-made water-soluble CBD powder or infused CBD coffee beans or pods versus trying to use products that are not intended to be digested.

Another thing to note is that CBD coffee is not technically legal. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prohibits adding CBD to any sort of food or drink!

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