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Cannabis Consumption Lounges in the United States, From the West Coast to the East Coast

Photo of NUWU, NV Credit: Leafly

Photo of NUWU, NV Credit: Leafly


Let’s be real, a smoker of any kind is going to light up any and everywhere. There isn’t a smoker in the world that won’t step aside wherever they are, to take a pull from the plant wrapped up in a leaf/paper. But, the truth is, it would be better to have a setting that welcomed consumption so that conversations, vibes, and experiences wouldn’t have to be paused. This is actually great for non-smokers too. 

Legalization of cannabis in states around the country continues and we are seeing the birth of cannabis consumption lounges rise. A cannabis consumption lounge is a designated space that allows cannabis consumers to bring their cannabis flower and/or other products on site, and allows the consumption of those products on site. These lounges aren’t new; our beloved plant has had a life and established a culture long before legalization, not too different from the way things were during alcohol prohibition. 

Cannabis consumption lounges and tea pads have been around since the 1930’s but the need for them under legality, is necessary. Although legalization in many states means that one can walk into a dispensary and purchase cannabis without the fear of law enforcement, consuming it brings a set of rules that one has to look out for.

In many states, even adult-use/recreational legal states, consuming cannabis in public is illegal, many hotels prohibit cannabis consumption on their properties (these places shouldn’t be supported!), and some states even have laws that support no smoking within 300 ft of the property. 

So what does one do when traveling to a legal cannabis state, for the purpose of having a cannabis vacation experience? Visit cities and states that have cannabis consumption lounges! Check out the list below. 

Cannabis Consumption Lounges by State

Photo of Author at the Clarendon Hotel consumption lounge, Credit: Dr. C’s POV

From the west coast to the east coast, here is a list of cities and states where cannabis consumption lounges can be found:

In New York and New Jersey, cannabis consumption lounges are now legal, and grand openings of lounges await. In many states, private businesses such as private hotels, accommodate cannabis smokers with private spaces that allow consumption, like Phoenix, Arizona.

Cannabis Consumption Lounge Considerations 

Photo Credit: Las Vegas Review Journal

Cannabis Consumption Lounges Are Not Dispensaries

In all states so far, even where cannabis consumption lounges are legal, no lounge is allowed to sell cannabis, specifically Delta 9, to anyone. Cannabis consumption lounges are designed to be a place where consumers can bring their own legal products, to consume at the lounge. In some states, cannabis delivery services can deliver legal cannabis products to the consumer at the lounge. 

Consumption Lounges Membership, Reservations, and Time Limits

This isn’t really a thing at bars, but currently is for cannabis consumption lounges and likely because cannabis is still federally prohibited; Leafly says:

Reservations and time limits, unfortunately, are a necessary evil at cannabis lounges. To enter the lounge, you may need to pay an associated charge or a general membership fee. Once seated, the average permitted seating time can range from 90 minutes to 120 minutes on a single reservation.”

Consumption Lounges and Alcohol/Liquor

Cannabis consumption lounges are for cannabis, as of now, cannabis and alcohol cannot mingle in the same places: no cannabis at bars and no alcohol at cannabis consumption lounges. But certainly, there is work being done in some states to change that.

Final Words

There are cannabis consumption lounges all over the world, both legal and in the gray. The list above focused on legal cannabis consumption lounges in the United States. Stay tuned for insight on cannabis consumption lounges outside of the United States. If your state is working on approving cannabis consumption lounges, comment below. 

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