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Buying CBD and Delta 8 in Texas

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Texas is…well Texas. The lawmakers there don’t appreciate the power of the plant. If they did, there would be no smokeable hemp bans. Luckily, CBD and Delta 8 come in multiple forms for consumption and available at retail locations around Texas. Check out the list below to shop for Delta 8 and CBD, where shopping for hemp, CBD, and Delta 8 is made easy.


  1. CBD Farmhouse
    CBD Farmhouse is owned by licensed pharmacists who oversee all production and quality control processes. Every product goes through multiple rounds of testing to meet its standards of safety and quality. They also make the lab reports available on their site for anyone to see.
  2. Go Easy

This fabulous brick-and-mortar shop carries over 35 brands from small businesses across the country. Go Easy emphasizes prioritizing healing and self-care, regardless of size, skin color, or sexuality. The owner, Molly Mathias, is not afraid to discuss sexual wellness and provides classes and workshops to keep her customers well-informed.



The Austin Chronicle named RESTART CBD the Best CBD Purveyor 2021. In addition to being a member of the Austin Independent Business Alliance, RESTART CBD also partners with Leaf 411, a free cannabis nurse hotline.

  1. Mary Jae

Mary Jae was founded by Jae to fulfill her father’s wish of sharing cannabis with everyone, especially the elderly. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, she also realized there were few cannabis spaces that others could relate to or feel comfortable in. Mary Jae is about being safe and inclusive for everyone while enjoying the plant that brings everyone together.


  1. CBD Houston
    The founder of CBD Houston, Aaron Petersen, maintains strong connections with his partner farms, extractors, and manufacturers because of his passion for producing safe and effective CBD products. He also works with an advisory board to ensure his company always follows through on their mission of being a leading and trusted source in CBD wellness.
  2. Sacred Leaf Wellness
    Sacred Leaf Wellness strives to provide quality customer service and CBD education to everyone who walks through their doors. They even have a gym in the back of the store! Co-owner and certified personal trainer, Patti Plagmann, offers personal stretching and mobility work to help patients with their workout and fitness goals. 

So, there is CBD and Delta 8 available for purchase in Texas. But keep in mind that you can also find CBD and Delta 8 at

This article was co-written with Alyna Paparrazi 

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