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Buying CBD and Delta 8 in Florida

cbd in florida

Cannabis is taking over everywhere.

The people have spoken, and they want plant medicine. The demand is here, the plants are being grown and extracted, and medicine and supplements made from the plant for overall health and homeostasis is becoming the new normal. Beyond that, self care is seeing so much cannabis being incorporated because, the secret is out- cannabis heals and saves! Here’s where you can shop for Delta 8 and CBD in Florida. 


  1. Global Widget

Global Widget is one of the largest CBD manufacturing facilities in the nation. Some of their top-selling brands include Hemp Bombs, Nature’s Script, and Perfect Paws Hemp for pets. All of their CBD products go through multi-stage testing by ISO-certified, third-party labs and every step of Global Widget’s production line is performed in-house.

  1. Chillum Glass Gallery and CBD Dispensary

In 2019, Chillum was awarded the Best Local CBD Shop in Tampa Bay by Creative Loafing. Their dedication to activism, education, and high-quality products make them much more than a regular CBD shop. The employees are certified Hemptenders that can talk all day about the science of cannabinoids and the beauty of glass art.


  1. Seabedee
    Seabedee is based on the idea that a healthy outside starts with a healthy inside. The founders, Pete and Paul, are two life-long friends who watched the lives of their loved ones be transformed by the benefits of CBD. Their US-grown hemp is processed through solventless CO2 extraction with a sprinkle of added terpenes, flavonoids, and fatty acids.
  2. Nothing But Hemp

Nothing But Hemp takes their CBD knowledge seriously. Every worker is provided intensive training to obtain a certificate in CBD Physiology and Health. The company has serviced over 40,000 people and was nominated as one of the top 100 health leaders in the world by the International Forum of Advancement in Health Care.


  1. Alter Native
    Alter Native takes holistic wellness to a new level. If they aren’t posting informative blogs or co-hosting online sessions with industry professionals, then they’re doing downward dog during their yoga classes offered in-store. Their focus is on daily self-care and creating an environment where people can learn how to improve their lives holistically with CBD.
  2. Herbin’ Living

Herbin’ Living is a premier smoke shop in Miami that works deeply with grassroots organizations to help educate others on the benefits of CBD and cannabis. They sell a wide variety of full-spectrum CBD, garden-grown artisan hemp flower, and have the largest gallery of 100% American Hand Blown Heady Glass Rigs and Pipes in Miami.

Don’t forget that you can also shop for your Delta 8 and CBD needs on

This article was co-written with Alyna Paparrazi 

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