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Botany Farms Vendor Review


Botany Farms is committed to producing the best quality cannabis flower on the market. It employs sustainable farming methods to produce 100 percent organic flowers with no filler materials like trim or shake.

And to further enhance the quality of its products, it partners with select micro-farms that share a similar commitment to cultivating the finest cannabis. Its flowers are hand-trimmed to not only create a nice look but also eliminate messy leaves that add nothing to your smoking experience. Another quality aspect of the company is the curing process. It cures each flower properly, leaving each bud with the best flower, smoke, and profile. 

Read on to find out what else the company has to offer.

Botany Farms Product & Service Overview

Botany Farms is home to the finest flower. Its menu includes CBD (cannabidiol) flower, CBG (cannabigerol) flower, and Delta-8 flower all under one roof. 

CBD Flower

The CBD flower strains are classified into indica, sativa, and hybrid categories, with each strain delivering unique effects. Examples include:

CBG Flower

Just like CBD, CBG does not get you high. This is why it’s garnering attention amongst medical cannabis users. The white CBG flower is encrusted with frosty white crystals and boasts a concentration of 18.5 percent CBG. It comes in unique aromas, including crisp spring, vanilla, and wildflowers.

The White CBG flower produces a charmingly calming feeling while the mind remains alert and active. Many consumers love taking it during the day, as it doesn’t elicit any drowsy effects. Three-point five grams of White CBG flower cost $10.00.

Delta-8 Flower

Botany Farms produces its Delta-8 THC flowers through its proprietary cold-press process that uses frozen Delta-8 THC distillate. Once the distillate has turned solid, they crush the distillate into a fine powder.

They then infuse the premium flower with the Delta-8 THC extract, ensuring an even coating. This approach leads to an incomparable experience of smooth, savory draws free of any harshness commonly associated with the Delta-8 flower.

Examples of Delta-8 flowers include:


The company has a few vape products, including the Delta-8 vape cartridge, the Delta-10 vape cartridge, and the CBG vape cartridge. 

The Delta-8 vape cartridge is the most popular among consumers. It boasts Delta-8 THC, CBG, CBC, CBN, and CBD and is a full-spectrum vape cartridge. The vape comes in three flavor profiles.

A vape cartridge from the company ranges from $40 to $45.

Botany Farms Customer Reviews

Many customers love the variety of products at their disposal when shopping at Botany Farms. Some are even spoiled for choice because everything is of high quality. Take these reviews, for example:

“Thank you Botany Farms for helping me tap into my Inner Peace! It’s hard to pick a favorite! But …Sour Special Sauce Pre-Roll is my ‘go-to,’ helping to restore calmness and balance to the end of a hectic day! I sleep deep and feel completely rested in the morning- ready to face the day.”

“As a resident of Minneapolis, I didn’t realize we had a dope hemp company nearby until I ordered some Botany Farms CBD and saw they were from Bloomington. I tried their D8 and D10 carts and right away you can tell the oil hasn’t been bleached and is nice rose color. A lot of manufacturers bleach D8 to make it crystal clear which looks great but you are left with bleach residue. Will order again for sure.”

“Great products! Very happy I came across this company. Will be recommending it to my friends. Keep up the great work guys!”

Customers also love the fast shipping provided by the company.

“I am so incredibly pleased with this company! The shipping is so fast, the products are high quality and the Delta 8 is by far the best I have ever tried! I’m so happy I found Botany Farms!”

“The quality of Botany Farms products is exceptional, along with timely product delivery and customer service! I’ll be recommending you to my friends and family every chance I get! With Gratitude!”

Botany Farms Complaints

One customer complains about the company being a scam. In a quick response, Botany Farms claims the scam is the work of another company called Botanical Farms CBD Gummies. Botany Farms claims it has been caught in the crossfire, as scammers are trying to capitalize on the CBD space using a similar brand name. Here’s what the customer said: 

“They hit my credit card 3x s for stuff I did not order… I called them and they would not refund my money. They scam people for credit card numbers.”

Botany Farms Coupons & Discounts

Botany Farms offers amazing discounts on its products. For example, you get a 15 percent discount on your first order after joining the company’s mailing list. And as a subscriber, you’ll also enjoy first access to new product launches, information on new strains, and more discounts.

Botany farms also have a refer-a-friend program where you earn $15 for every friend that you refer to the company who ends up making a purchase. The customer gets $15 as well. To refer a friend, you first need to sign up with the company. 

Lab Testing

Every product at Botany Farms is lab-tested for quality, safety, and compliance.

Is Botany Farms Legit?

Yes, Botany Farms is a legit vendor with an overly satisfied customer base.


Botany Farms offers a variety of products, including hemp flowers, pre-rolls, vapes, tinctures, and edibles. And not only is its hemp organic, but it’s also lab-tested. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the safety or compliance of its products

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