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Blue Genius Hemp Strain Review


Blue Genius is an aptly named high-quality hemp flower strain known for its unique appeal and therapeutic effects. With a potent concentration of CBD and other cannabinoids, it is a highly effective flower for all purposes, from recreational to medicinal. Created through the mixing of three potent strains, this is a strain that really stands out from the crowd of hemp flowers.

The Blue Genius hemp strain has one of the most distinctive terpene profiles, giving it a unique aromatic presence. Connoisseurs will be able to tell it apart easily through this signature alone. It also has great aesthetic appeal and is well-loved by growers and consumers alike. It is always in demand because it is a somewhat rare strain that is not readily available everywhere. However, special boutique sellers and many artisanal farms often have the strain available for sale, especially a few weeks after the harvest time when the curing process is done.

Blue Genius Hemp Strain Genetics and Lineage

The Blue Genius is unusual in its origin as it is a cross between not two but three different hemp strains. These are ACDC hemp, an Israeli landrace cultivar, and a strain known as Ringo’s Last Seed Run (referring to the breeder who created it). However, there is still some speculation about whether these are the actual strains that were crossed because concrete information about the genetics of the strain is not easily forthcoming.

However, based on the little information that some breeders have provided, it seems that the Blue Genius was developed to be a Sativa dominant strain since all three parent cultivars are Sativa dominant. It has also been stabilized into a high CBD and low THC expression so that it fits right into the post-2018 Farm Bill market.

The strain is fairly easy to grow and stable. It produces an average yield of 2lbs per plant and has a seed to-flower cycle of about 80 to 90 days. The blue in Blue Genius comes from its blue-tinged silvery flowers, which sit on top of pale green foliage. This strain is known for growing indoors with an eye on watering, light exposure, and nutrients.

Blue Genius Hemp Strain Terpenes and Flavours

The Blue Genius Strain has one of the most distinct terpene profiles. You will notice strong pine notes with spicy pepper and basil. As you break it apart, you will notice citrus and floral notes.

Vaping the flower is the best way to enjoy the beautiful bouquet of terpenes that are also intensely therapeutic. However, smoking is also very enjoyable, and the flavor translates very well. The spicy and peppery notes are felt intensely, with a nose full of pine and citrus. The floral notes are not very obvious on the exhale but are fairly obvious when vaping.

The dominant terpenes found in Blue Genius include Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene, Pinene, and Phytol. Each of these terpenes has its own therapeutic effects that add up to the overall composite effect of the flower when it is consumed.

Blue Genius Hemp Strain Cannabinoids and Effects

The CBD concentration of the Blue Genius hemp strain varies between 14% and 17%, which is fairly high. So it produces intense effects on users, even in small quantities. Mixed along with the terpenes and rare cannabinoids that are also present in the plant, the entourage effect is a powerful one.

The first inhalation of vapor or smoke has an immediate relaxing effect, especially thanks to the terpene presence. This gives way to a general relaxation that is more mental than physical. However, the high CBD content ensures physical relaxation as well.

As a Sativa dominant strain, the main effect is one of alert awareness while remaining calm and focused. It is an ideal strain for working in the daytime. It will help you destress, but it won’t put you to sleep.

Users have reported feeling uplifted and calm simultaneously, which helps with productivity. Many have also noticed a rise in their creativity and ability to focus. There is also relief from physical aches and pains without numbing the body.

So if you are looking for a strong and flavorful CBD flower that is highly aromatic and therapeutic, the Blue Genius hemp strain is a great choice. The genius in Blue Genius comes from the mental clarity and elevation that users experience after smoking or vaping. The feeling is described as similar to being in the flow state where the concentration is effortless, and ideas just seem to come.

So even though it is not the most common strain, it is still worth the effort of searching it out

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