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Best High CBN Hemp Flower Strains

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As the hottest new cannabinoid on the scene, CBN has gained serious traction as a formidable hemp compound. Although not quite as prolific as its ever-popular sibling, CBD, this compound stimulates receptors in your brain to induce something that escapes way too many people — sleep.

Beloved for its powerful effects that allow peaceful, easy dreams, CBN makes the perfect solution for people who just can’t stop tossing and turning at night. So if you find sleep to be especially elusive, these high CBN hemp flower strains should be on your list of must-try’s.


The name itself already tells you that Bubblegum offers the kind of flavor that any neophyte would be happy to try. Deliciously sweet and fruity, Bubblegum comes to your sense with light, airy smoke that tangos with the taste buds. The fluffy plumes that the strain produces gently course through the throat without so much as an itch.

Although unclear in terms of origin, Bubblegum owes some of its genetic success to Indiana Bubblegum. The powerful strain delivers hybrid effects, with some people feeling creative and uplifted as the strain incapacitates the body.

Perfect for when you want to relax your limbs without totally tranquilizing your mind, Bubblegum sends your body into a pseudo-locked-in syndrome that keeps your butt glued to your seat as your mind flits through colorful images and daydreams for the duration of its effects.

Cadillac Purple

Leaning heavily on the indica side of the effects spectrum, Cadillac Purple powerfully knocks out its user with a fast-acting dose of relaxation and drowsiness. The strain tugs heavily on the eyelids within minutes of the toke, so it’s important to make sure you’re in a safe, quiet space before dragging on this puppy.

In some cases, however, the Cadillac Purple strain has been found to be something of a creeper. At first, users should feel absolutely nothing. But the rapid crescendo can have you clawing at the covers and falling into a deep sleep faster than you can think.

That’s why it’s important to pace yourself and wait for the effects before you adjust your dose. It’s also worth mentioning that Cadillac Purple’s fruity perfume-like flavor and aroma make it particularly pleasing to the palate, so it’s easy to take more than your body can actually handle.

Animal Cookies

Also called ‘Animal Crackers’, Animal Cookies sits pretty atop the list of the most iconic hemp strains of all time. Part of the reason for its popularity would have to be its equally legendary genetic contributors. The child of Fire OG and Girl Scout Cookies, Animal Cookies possesses a genetic code destined for stardom.

Potent and profound, Animal Cookies reach deep into your body to relieve all sorts of discomfort and aches. The hard-hitting variety delivers unrivaled supremacy in the relief department, offering to ease away even the most chronic forms of tension to plague the body.

A favorite among veterans and purists, Animal Cookies jabs at the mind with quick hits of drowsiness that attack the consciousness in intermittent pangs. But as the effects consume the mind, the user finds himself in total surrender to the powerful sleepiness that Animal Cookies imposes.

Where Does CBN Come From?

What’s interesting about CBN is that it isn’t quite as straightforward as CBD. Unlike its popular cannabidiol counterpart, cannabinol exists in very small concentrations in the hemp plant. Well, at least from harvest, that holds true. But various factors can increase CBN content while the herb is in your possession.

That’s because CBN ultimately comes from THCA. Yes — the same stuff that produces THC. THCA acts as a precursor for THC, which is the main psychoactive compound found in hemp. As THCA is exposed to heat in a process called decarboxylation, the THCA converts into THC.

However, when that same THCA precursor gets exposed to UV rays, it converts into CBNA — the direct precursor for CBN. Then, when CBNA passes the process of decarboxylation through heat, it turns into CBN.

So what can you do to max out your hemp’s CBN content? The first would be to expose your sample to sunlight. Controlled sun exposure brings about changes in plant chemistry that turns THCA into CBNA. But that also entails buying hemp that’s a little high on the THC scale.

Choosing High CBN Hemp Strains

It’s easy to talk the talk, so you need to find vendors that actually walk it. Remember — CBN is pretty darn rare which means you can’t just find the stuff anywhere. Practicing caution when choosing a vendor means you can guarantee the quality and authenticity of the product you’re buying.

  1. Check lab reports – Any (trustworthy) vendor these days would do what they can to make their customers feel more confident in making a purchase. That’s why almost everyone hands out certificates of analysis with their products.

These reports come from third-party labs and indicate how much of each cannabinoid you can find in the sample. Higher THC hemp strains tend to produce higher CBN content, but that also depends on how you handle the product in your care (like UV exposure.)

  1. Read reviews – Reading comments from real, live customers can make it easier for you to identify whether the vendor satisfies those who buy or not. Just make sure to read reliable reviews and avoid vendors that use fake feedback to boost their reputation across the web.

See what other buyers have said about the product, whether the CBN worked as expected, and if they had any transaction hiccups when dealing with the vendor. In case of any red flags, just ditch them and scout for other options. There are way too many vendors today for you to be making do with an unreliable brand.

  1. Choose who you trust – Lots of unscrupulous vendors have jumped on the CBN bandwagon just to make a quick buck off of unsuspecting buyers. So to avoid dealing with one of them, always be careful in choosing your vendor.

Companies with an established reputation are unlikely to let you down. You can check their reliability by reading reviews and by looking into their socials. But just to be safe, you might want to try buying from vendors that have a satisfaction guarantee so you can cut the risk.

To a Peaceful Sleep

Say goodbye to endless tossing and turning — CBN is here to cradle you off into a dreamless sleep. While lots of CBN products abound, it’s always best to get your dose of this coveted cannabinoid straight from the source.

Try these high CBN strains the next time you shop for your sleep needs, and discover just how dynamic hemp can be.

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