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Artisan Hemp Flower Review


Artisan hemp flower is a category of hemp buds that are grown in special conditions that are conducive to the plant. It expresses the best possible flavor and aromatics while preserving the therapeutic benefits of the flower. It is not a special strain but a way of growing and manufacturing.

Also known as artisanal, it is a trend that is on the rise all over the world. Artisanal items are always in high demand when it comes to consumables of any kind, from tea to chocolate, cosmetics to cooking ingredients. So it is no surprise that the same trend has surfaced in the hemp and cannabis industry as well.

So the fair question that one might ask is what sets an artisan hemp flower apart from any other hemp flower. The answer is the finesse. Artisan hemp flower batches are usually grown with the utmost care and love so that the plant expresses its full potential in terms of cannabinoids and terpenes. Furthermore, great care goes into the processing of the flower.

As a result, the difference in the final product is quite evident, especially when compared with mass-grown buds made on an industrial scale. So let’s take a closer look at the different aspects of top-shelf artisan hemp flower strains.

Artisan Hemp Flower Genetics and Lineage

Artisan hemp flower strains are generally chosen for their quality, even if some of them are harder to grow. These strains are known for their high cannabinoid concentrations, with diverse rare cannabinoids enriching the mix. A rich and complex terpene profile is also a top priority.

Thus when it comes to genetics, artisan hemp flower strains tend to be offsprings of some of the most illustrious hemp families like the Kush or the Tabernacle. Most of them can be traced back to potent cannabis strains that are known for their intense flavor and potency.

Selection is made based on climate and soil type. Some strains are suited to dry climates, while others thrive in humid conditions. So when an artisanal hemp grower is looking for strains, she or he is looking at the most viable strains for their specific climate and soil.

These growers are looking for a good yield. These farms tend to focus on smaller batches with higher quality. So they need good yields from sturdy plants that do not fail. Thus strong genetics are favored over others.

From a grower’s perspective, a fast-growing plant with a good yield is ideal. And if the grower focuses on creating artisan hemp flowers, they are also throwing high quality and great aesthetics into the mix.

Artisan Hemp Flower Terpenes and Flavor

Hemp flowers grown under stringent conditions with much care given to watering and nourishment tend to develop complex terpene profiles. This gives the flower a pleasing bouquet with both variety and depth. Thus, the aroma should become immediately evident when a flower bag or container is opened. This is the case for almost all artisan hemp flower strains, with very few exceptions.

And that is just the beginning of the aromatic experience. Most top-shelf flowers come with an array of terpenes and terpenoids that keep evolving through the entire experience of smoking or vaping them.

The first notes are those that waft out as you open the container. Next, as you break apart your nug, you get a fresh release of new notes and intensification of existing notes. Then as you grind it, the fragrance changes and evolves. Some of the previous notes disappear, leaving behind terpenes.

The fragrance carries over into the smoking experience as you start tasting various flavors. Multiple flavors are found in these flowers, from sweet, candied fruits to sour and citrus with earthy, herbal, and cheesy notes. All the terpenes also play their own individual roles in the overall therapeutic effects of the flower.

Artisan Hemp Flower Effects

Smoking or vaping, an artisan hemp flower strain will leave you with a pleasant buzz from the very first toke. You will be amazed at how the potent concentration of CBD and other cannabinoids leave you feeling relaxed and calm. The terpenes add to the mix and create the powerful entourage effect that takes the entire experience to the next level.

Depending on the dominance of Sativa or Indica features or a hybrid balance of both, the flower may leave you active and awake or make you relaxed and sleepy. So you can choose your flower depending on your desired effects.

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